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i have a list

public class Org
  public string Name;
  public List<OrgPost> OrgPostCollection= new List<OrgPost>();

public class OrgPost
  public string OrgPostTitle;

and have:

List<Org> OrgCollection=//GetAll(Org);

and now i have a list of org like this


but i need something like this:

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Not a complete answer, but do you know SelectMany? –  phg Jul 24 '12 at 9:03

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You can do a nested select:

   var flatEnumerable = from o in OrgCollection
                        from p in o.OrgPostCollection
                        select new Tuple<Org, OrgPost>(o, p);

You can then project whatever you want in the select, I project a Tuple<Org, OrgPost>.

The result flatEnumerable is IEnumerable<Tuple<Org, OrgPost>>, you can then call ToList or ToArray to resolve the enumerable into a list or array:

List<Tuple<Org, OrgPost>> flatList = flatEnumerable.ToList();
Tuple<Org, OrgPost>[] flatArray = flatEnumerable.ToArray();
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