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I,m trying to set TracballControls in threejs to move only in two axles, only pan and tilt, without roll. Is there any possibilities to make it? My code: http://360.art.pl/experimental/2/ Mouse move should behave like this: http://360.art.pl/experimental/1/

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i think this will help you: (solved my problem)

look in your TrackballControl.js-file and change the line 148


_this.object.up.applyQuaternion( quaternion );


_this.object.up.applyQuaternion( new THREE.Vector4(0,0,0,1) );

//Update Only work with older versions

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This doesn't appear to work. The cube spins on the same 3 axis, but now there appears to be a gimbal lock issue. –  Jude Osborn Apr 2 '14 at 3:59

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