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Using the vim-latexsuite for Gvim, I am editing a fairly large document. It consists of a main document that contains \begin{document}, \end{document} etc. In between there are a lot of sections that are written in another documents and imported with \input{blahblah}.

The problem is that when I compile using \ll there is an error in one of the imported documents. This document is opened in the current tab along with the errorlog, etc. This is of course done so that I can correct the error easily.

...but after correcting the error, I am now positioned in another document in the tab that was previously my main document. This document does not have the preamble and therefore I have to reopen the main document in order to recompile to see if my correction works.

It seems to me that i should be easy to recompile on the spot after I have corrected the error. How can I do that?

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Off the cuff it seems like Ctrl-O could be of use as long as the main document is still open as a buffer. See :help CTRL-o for more information on how this works. You can check this with :ls and see if the buffer shows up.

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Works well, thanks a bunch. Will read upon the use of buffers. –  Bo Visfeldt Jul 28 '12 at 17:21
Accepting an answer with the check mark is the best thank you on stack overflow :-) you're very welcome –  Conner Jul 28 '12 at 17:23

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