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my form is not tied to a particular model and looks like this:

<%= form_tag(:controller => 'orders' , :action => 'process_credit_card') do  %>
    ... bunch of fields ...
<% end %>

carmen-rails' country_select helper looks like this

 <%= f.country_select :country_code, {priority: %w(US CA)}, prompt: 'Please select a country' %>

however I do not have a form object f, I use helpers like <%= text_field_tag 'billing_address[phone]' %> to create my form, is there a way I can still use carmen in this form?

UPDATE: I am using ActiveMerchant for payment processing, I can create a form with form_for instead of form_tag but I don't know how, any pointers will be appreciated.

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<%= country_select_tag :country_code, {priority: %w(US CA)}, prompt: 'Please select a country' %>

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already did, doesn't work, carmen-rails doesn't have this method in the docs either. –  user83950 Jul 24 '12 at 12:49

this should work...

<%= country_select :country_code, {priority: %w(US CA)}, prompt: 'Select' %>
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I'm a few years late, but I ran into this problem tonight and found a solution that worked for me by crawling through the carmen-rails source code. Note that the second hash (as the fourth argument) can contain HTML options like class.

<%= country_select(nil, :country_code, { priority: %w(US CA) }, {}) %>

With the other solutions (that did not have nil as the first argument) I was having serialization issues with my AJAX search functionality. The entire hash (including priority and other code) would be serialized with the request. When calling it like I have above, this is no longer an issue and only the country code is serialized. Hopefully this will help someone in the future who ran into the same issue we did.

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Please use

<%= country_select(nil,:country, { priority: %w(US CA) , prompt: 'Select Country'},:class=>"form-control") %>

Use above with form_tag

<%= f.country_select :country, {priority: %w(US CA), prompt: 'Select Country'},:class=>"form-control" %>

and use above with form_for

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