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I'm a PHP developer and now I use Notepad++ for code editing, but lately I've been searching for an IDE to ease my work.

I've looked into Eclipse, Aptana Studio and several others, but I'm not really decided, they all look nice enough but a bit complicated. I'm sure it'll all get easy once I get used to it, but I don't want to waste my time.

This is what I'm looking for:

  • FTP support
  • Code highlight
  • SVN support would be great
  • Ruby and JavaScript would be great

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I believe that PHP being what it is, doesn't really require an IDE. I use vi, it is fast, doesn't crash and with grep -r and Ctags, it can multiply productivity many times over.

Subversion is literally built-in in the console, so you won't run into problems with source control.

Finally, I used as the repositories, so I don't have have to manually FTP files to any server. It has a FTP deployment option which also makes sure that only the altered file move to the staging server.

The best part is that you can go to a friends house, find a Linux machine, and just start developing because everything that you need is mostly available on most machines.


There are a few IDEs out there you can use. I personally like UltraEdit. It does syntax highlighting, FTP/SFTP support, super fast, macros, etc. - only $30.

If you're doing anything heavy and would like some enterprise level IDE features (local/remote debugging, framework support, IntelliSense), try Zend IDE. I believe it's a few hundred dollars but be worth it.

There's also a plugin for Eclipse you try (PHPEclipse I think). I hope this helps.


Just last night I finally bought the latest version of Zend Studio. I used previous versions and I was always very happy with it. I don't think you can undervalue the integration between their debugger and their Firefox and Internet Explorer toolbars. I use them constantly and they give me a great sense of how the application will run live.

The latest version is built on Eclipse, so you get many of its features as a base which lets Zend focus on providing more advanced functionality. I like the way they have made Studio very PHP aware in the sense that once you start it up everything is geared toward developing PHP applications. It's knowledgeable about Zend Framework, PHPDoc, and PHP's newer OOP features. (It has grown up along with PHP.) You can get most of the same functionality from Eclipse or Eclipse PDT, but I always felt they provided me with so many options I couldn't actually do anything. Studio let me start building applications pretty quickly since that's about all it does.

I think it meets most of your requests except for the Ruby part. I'm sure you can add Ruby extensison to it since it is Eclipse, but I haven't tried that yet. Also, I think they recently improved the JavaScript coding as well, but I haven't tested it much so far.


Why Dreamweaver - 2? For current work I prefer Dreamweaver rather than another editor. I have tried a lot of editors, but in the end I stick with Dreamweaver.


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is very easy to use. It is having the feature of code highlighting, and show the files which you have included in the parent file in separate tabs, having the option of offline. That means if you want to know about the new built-in functions just Ctrl + space. It will show the drop down. It is having the syntax and also the offline preview of the syntax from


My opinion is that the best for PHP is RadPHP.

  • Best of all: Notepad ++ (Free and helpful with colors and link)
  • Average: NetBeans (Normal IDE)
  • Not good: Eclipse (It crashes when you don't wait for it)
  • Oh and I forget: Don't ever use JDeveloper :D

NetBeans is pretty nice because it has syntax highlighting, tabs, auto-formatting and live syntax verification. Sadly, you cannot save in UTF-8 without having to set up "projects".

How annoying, I wonder if there is another editor that has syntax highlighting, tabs, auto-formatting and live syntax verification but would also allow me to use UTF-8 without having to set up "projects".


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