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Is there a TortoiseSVN equivalent for OS X? I'm looking for an SVN client that will integrate with OS X's Finder and be added as Context menu items.

Update: Just found SmartSVN. Anyone with feedback on it?

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There is SCPlugin which is the closest match to TortoiseSVN on OS X. It adds overlay icons as well as context menu entries to the Finder.

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Is this plugin compatible with OS X 10.10 (yosemite) ? – subbu Jan 23 '15 at 12:19

Note, that neither SCPlugin nor the SmartSVN Finder integration will work on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), because Apple has dropped the support for Finder plugins.

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Note that Dropbox does work on Snow Leopard, integrated with Finder, both in context menu and modifying icons. – cregox Oct 26 '10 at 16:08
I've taken a look at Dropbox and it looks like it does NOT show a context menu or own icons in the regular Finder views, but only in its own one. – Mot Oct 26 '10 at 17:26
On Yosemite I use XtraFinder. Looks like Yosemite does have Finder plugin support via FinderSync:… – ljelewis Feb 13 '15 at 12:02

I don't believe so, but I've recently started using Cornerstone as a SVN client on the Mac and I'm super-happy with it.

It's about $60 and has a 30 day trial. Also try "Versions". I trailed it for a few weeks and it was the "best other" SVN client, but not as good as Cornerstone (IMO).

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Cornerstone: Nice review on the topic:… – Bob Fanger Dec 20 '08 at 9:20

Google found this:

doesn't seem to be as slick as tortoise, but at least it's a start.

I tried Versions for a little while, but it often got confused and irritated me quite a lot.

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You may be interested in Versions. Not exactly what you're looking for but close

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Agreed. SCPlugin is the best option out there. But it's a bit buggy in the latest release of OS X. Has been for a little while. Another alternative is PathFinder which is a very slick Finder replacement, that has SCPlugin integrated, as well as a console, and various other SVN integrations. It's a commercial product, but well worth the money.

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In my opinion svn-finder scripts are the best solution for leopard or snowleopard becauce scplugin will not work with Finder in those systems. You can download scripts from: I also found easySVN which is not so bad and free.

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