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i have an array say array1(asd,ard,f_name,l_name) now i want to replace some value as

asd with agreement start date

f_name with first name.

l_name with last name.

what i have done is this, but it is not checking for second if condition

  for($i = 0; $i < count($changedvalue);$i++){
  //Check if the value at the 'ith' element in the array is the one you want to change
//if it is, set the ith element to some value
if ($changedvalue[$i] == 'asd')
   {$changedvalue[$i] = 'Agreement Start Date';}
   elseif ($changedvalue[$i] == 'ard')
   {$changedvalue[$i] == 'Agreement Renewal Date';}
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The problem with your current code is that == in the last line should be =.

However, I would recommend changing your code to something like this:

$valuemap = array(
   'asd' => 'Agreement Start Date',
   'f_name' => 'first name', 
    // and so on...

function apply_valuemap($input) {
    global $valuemap;
    return $valuemap[$input];

array_map('apply_valuemap', $changedvalue);

This way, it's way easier to add more values you want to replace.

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this is what i was thinking of..thnx a lot Cnt +1 your answer, still living with 12 repo points –  Aditya Kumar Jul 25 '12 at 11:48

You could do it this way:

foreach ($changedvalue as $key => $value)
     switch ($value)
                $changedvalue[$key]='Agreement Start Date';
                $changedvalue[$key]='first name';
                $changedvalue[$key]='last name';

This way you go through each row in the array and set the value to the new value if the old value was equal to one of the reset values.

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will try it..thnx a lot.. –  Aditya Kumar Jul 24 '12 at 11:31

You have a typo in your last statement. '==' should be the assignment operator '='

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thanx for marking it out.. it solves the issue..thnax a lot.. –  Aditya Kumar Jul 24 '12 at 11:31

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