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I have a color scheme for enhanced editor in SAS 9.2.

How can i share this scheme with others?

Where does file of scheme be found?


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The editor coloring scheme is stored in SAS registries. You can export and import registry entries to share the scheme definitions.

There is a SASHELP and SASUSER (user defined) part of registry. I didn't try it, so I'm just guessing - based on whether you modified original color scheme or defined your own, it's stored in either SASHELP or SASUSER part. For that, you may need to use or not use USESASHELP option of PROC REGISTRY to export the definition. Here's how you do it.

proc registry export="C:\eeditor_scheme.sasxreg"
               startat="CORE\EDITOR\SCHEMES" usesashelp;

proc registry import="C:\eeditor_scheme.sasxreg";

Anyway, modifing the registry is a low-level intervention to the system, so I recommend you make a full backup of your registry before importing a registry file:

proc registry usesashelp export="C:\reg_backup_sashelp.sasxreg";
proc registry export="C:\reg_backup_sasuser.sasxreg";
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