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I have an old table that has a column named "RANK" and this name is a keyword in Oracle, I don't know how this table created and I can't rename this column because it is used by other applications . Now I need to insert data in this table :

insert into mytbl (RANK)
select RANK from other_table

when executing this query I got the following error :

ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis

Kindly, how can I solve this problem?


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@Madhivanan - RANK was introduced into the Oracle lexicon relatively recently. It's oftem not possible to change the data models of legacy systems. – APC Jul 24 '12 at 13:19

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Oracle uses double quotes " to escape reserved words.

insert into mytbl ("RANK")
select "RANK" 
from other_table

One other note, Oracle requires correct case as well.

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First of all, You shall not use reserved keywords as column name and table name.

Oracle uses Double quotes " to parse reserved keywords so you can parse the keywords by placing it in doubles quotes "".

insert into mytbl ("RANK")
select "RANK" 
from other_table
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