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I want to support 600dp screen in my android application. So i have made that layout using layout-sw600dp. But i cannot get the exact layout with the application.

I got 800 X 1280 screen size with layout-sw720dp but layout is little bit worse with 720 X 1280 size.

So what can i do to support 720 X 1280 in layout-sw720dp and 600 X 1024 in layout-sw600dp ?

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For tablets you can just create the layout and drawable with following qualifiers

layout-sw600dp drawable-sw600dp

which means tablet screen with minimum of 600dp and higher can use this layout and drawable.

So for standard configuration qualifiers for screen size you can create following configuration:

1)layout-sw480dp drawable-sw480dp

2)layout-sw600dp drawable-sw600dp

3)layout-sw720dp drawable-sw720dp

Ref: this go for following Table 2. New configuration qualifiers for screen size (introduced in Android 3.2).

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