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I have a string like delivery:("D1_0"), how do i get the value inside the quotes alone from it. i.e D1_0 alone from it.

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What have you tried yourself? Look in the API documentation of class java.lang.String for methods that you could use for this. Try to write some code yourself. If you still don't succeed, post your code and ask a more specific question. –  Jesper Jul 24 '12 at 11:39
you could split the string or extract your part with regex –  Sagi Jul 24 '12 at 11:40
what should I say... the_string.remove("deliveri:(\"").remove("\")"); –  mihail Jul 24 '12 at 11:50

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You could use regualr expresion like \"(.*?)\" to find that group, or even better, iterate over your String looking for quote marks " and reading characters inside of them until you find another quote mark. Something similar to this.

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Try this

int i = stringvariable.indexOf("(");
int j = stringvariable.indexOf(")");
String output = stringvariable.substring(i+2, j-2);

You will get the required value in output variable.

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If your string is constant, in that the beginning of the string will not change, you could use the slice function

In Javascript:

        var text='delivery:("D1_0")';
        alert(text.slice(11, 15)); //returns "D1_0"

In Java:

String text = "delivery:(\"D1_0\")";
String extract = text.substring(11, 15);
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String str = "delivery:(\"D1_0\")";
String arr[] = str.split("[:\"()]"); //you will get arr[delivery, , , D1_0], choose arr[3]      
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"If your String is always in this format you can use

String theString = "delivery:(\"D1_0\")";
String array[] = theString.split("\"");
String result = array[1];   // now result string is D1_0

// Note: array[0] contains the first part(i.e "delivery:(" ) 
// and array[2] contains the second (i.e ")" )
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