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I am using Omni auth to authenticate twitter account in my rails application.

I could able to get the uid parameter before, but now its returning null like below



"image":"<image url>",

I am testing this in my local host.

What am i doing wrong or is twitter has stopped providing user id?

Update :

Actually i added client options for authorize path in initializers/omniauth.rb like below (By doing so only authorization will include prvilege to access direct message)

provider :twitter, Rails.application.config.consumer_key , Rails.application.config.consumer_secret , authorize_params: {force_login: 'true'}, client_options: {authorize_path: '/oauth/authorize'}

only after doing this i am having this issue with uid = null, when i remove this option ' client_options: {authorize_path: '/oauth/authorize'}' its working fine..

any solution for this issue?

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Found the answer for this.

The uid field is null when authorize_path is set to "/oauth/authorize". Instead we can get the Twitter user id by using the below

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