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I have a watchdog implemented in bash that is restarting a service on certain conditions and it does move the old logs to an old directory.

The problem is that I do want to move the logs to old_1, old_2, ... if previous one exists.

How can I implement this in bash?

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Why don't use a timestamp for the name of the directory? – user647772 Jul 24 '12 at 12:11
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You can search for the first non-existing log like this:

while [[ -f log_$num ]] ; do
    let num++
echo Fresh new: log_$num
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That is a pain to write, handle missing folders (which will break choroba solution for instace). This is why most systems requiring logs are just suffixing their names with dates, I encourage you to do the same, its easier to handle and also easier to retrieve a log afterward.

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