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So i have this:

SELECT-OPTIONS gr_saord FOR gv_sales_order OBLIGATORY.


PERFORM check_values CHANGING gr_saord.


FORM check_values CHANGING p_gr_saord TYPE selopt.

What i also tried was instead of the structure SELOPT to use the Table Type piq_selopt_t and instead of passing gr_saord to pass gr_saord[].

The presented version of the code and the alternative result both in the same error message:

in PERFORM or CALL FUNCTION "CHECK_VALUES", the actual parameter "GS_SAORD" is incompatible with the formal parameter "P_GR_SAORD".

Basically i want to simply pass a SELECT-OPTIONS table as a parameter and can't manage to do it.

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It's because selopt and piq_selopt_t are not for vbak-vbeln. Low and High are typed differently in those data types compared to your select option.

This should work

data: gv_sales_order type vbap-vbeln.

types: tr_vbeln like RANGE OF gv_sales_order.

SELECT-OPTIONS: gs_saord for gv_sales_order.

perform check_values CHANGING gs_saord[].

form check_values CHANGING p_gr_saord TYPE tr_vbeln.

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After i confirm it, you'll get the +1 and i'll accept the answer. Thx. – vlad-ardelean Jul 24 '12 at 13:34

If you are lazy (and have a lot select options to pass) and you onyl need to pass them to a select statement within your FORM, you can skip the type definition and define you form with

perform check_values CHANGING gs_saord[].

form check_values CHANGING p_gr_saord TYPE standard table.

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i'm scared of not typing things properly - i'm an ex java guy :) – vlad-ardelean Feb 17 '13 at 18:54

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