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I have the following code to generate me a 2D plot or 2 normal distributions:

        res = zeros(2, 320); 
        index = 1:320;

        % assign some data to the res array and then approximate:  

        PD = fitdist(index','normal', 'frequency', res(1,:)')
        pdfNormal = normpdf(index',PD.mu,PD.sigma);
        plot(index', pdfNormal, 'Color', 'r', 'LineWidth', 2);
        hold on;
        PD = fitdist(index','normal', 'frequency', res(2,:)')
        pdfNormal = normpdf(index',PD.mu,PD.sigma);
        plot(index', pdfNormal, 'Color', 'b', 'LineWidth', 2);            

This code generates me then the following picture:

2D Plot of my data

Now I am wondering how I could add a third dimension to this plot? Essentially, I would like to plot another 2 normal distributions, but this time in the Z-axis, ie., in the third dimension.

Anyone an idea how I could do that easily?

Thanks so much!

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Use plot3 – chaohuang Jul 24 '12 at 12:54
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If I understood correctly, you can simply give the plots different z-values. Example:

%# some random data
x = 1:300;
y = zeros(5,300);
for i=1:5
    y(i,:) = normpdf(x,100+i*20,10);

%# plot
hold on
clr = lines(5);
h = zeros(5,1);
for i=1:5
    h(i) = plot(x, y(i,:), 'Color',clr(i,:), 'LineWidth',2);
    set(h(i), 'ZData',ones(size(x))*i)
zlim([0 6]), box on, grid on
hold off


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That looks great and was very helpful, thank you very much :) – Patrick Jul 24 '12 at 14:15
Talk about awesome solution! xD xD xD I retrofitted to my own needs & data and I must say it worked like a charm! :] Many thanks ;) – Kounavi Nov 13 '13 at 23:39

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