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How can i update a text field that is on a panel when a checkbox on a different panel is updated?

see the image


What I am trying to do is this:

 AjaxCheckBox checkbox= new AjaxCheckBox("checkbox") {
        protected void onUpdate(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
            boolean selected = getModelObject();
              TextField textField = panel.getTextField();
              textField.add(new AttributeModifier("readonly", true, 
new Model("readonly")));




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On the second panel (that contains the checkbox) you can add an abstract method onUpdateCheckbox(AjaxRequestTarget target) that must be implemented by the first panel (that contains the text field).

The onUpdate(...) method of your AjaxCheckBox only has to call this abstract method.

On implementation of the onUpdateCheckbox(...) at the first panel you can manipulate the textfield and add it to the target object.

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many thanks @magomi! – mnish Jul 25 '12 at 8:10

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