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Just getting started with Coffeescript and have installed it correctly , however having problems getting basic compilation to work

I have 2 folders names 'src' and 'js'

I create a simple .coffee file in the src folder called

In the parent folder I open a terminal window and type the following

coffee -wc src -o js

This SHOULD automatically compile any .coffee files in the src folder and put in the js folder but I always get an error

File not found: –

What am I doing wrong?

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Coffee is picky about parameter order.

Usage: coffee [options] path/to/ -- [args]

As you see, you have to specify all options before the script (or directory) you want to compile:

coffee -w -c -o js src


coffee -wco js src
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Thanks! Is Coffeescript also picky about the actual text editor you use to create the .coffee files? Now getting a different error> In src/, Parse error on line 1: Unexpected '' – eco_bach Jul 24 '12 at 17:03
@eco_bach: Nope, not that I know of! I know my colleague has problems with hitting alt+space, which looks like a space but isn't. Might be syntax, too -- sometimes coffeescript gives a little cryptic error messages for some syntax errors. Could you post the file? – Linus Gustav Larsson Thiel Jul 25 '12 at 9:09

According to the usage examples on, the "watch" functionality is for files, not directories.

Try dropping the -w.

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