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I am currently using php could files as API for swift on a SAIO install with tempauth . Executing the php file:

 $auth = new CF_Authentication($username, $api_key);
 if ( $auth->authenticated() )
     echo "CF Authentication successful \n";
     echo "Authentication faile \n";

the execution didnt work because some authentication problem:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'AuthenticationException' with message 'Invalid username or access key.

The user name and the api_key are corrects (tested with swift command and I could make operation on containers on swift ? I am wondering how it works when authenticating ? any idea

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You don't give an auth host URL so the default will be This might be the problem.

Btw. you should wrap the function in an try-catch block.

echo "Authentication faile \n";

will never be called because authenticate() always returns true if it does not throw an exception.

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