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I want to implement Web Phone using Applet and SIP Severer. Please share if there is a good Tutorial.

Many Thanks S.Suresh

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What kind of web phone do you have? Also what kind of SIP server are you working with? And what language are you working in? –  JMK Jul 24 '12 at 13:27

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I would recommend WebRTC instead of Applets check out our server http://www.dzone.com/links/mobicents_sip_servlets_200final_with_support_for.html and the video here http://vimeo.com/51744602

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Java Applet is not the best technology for this aim. WebRTC and Flash Player are mainstream technologies which able to implement this task.

WebRTC is supported in Chrome and FF. Flash is supported in IE and other browsers.

I would recommend Flashphoner Web Call Server 3.

It supports WebRTC, RTMFP, and SIP and has ready to use Web Phone widget available for customization. It is ideally suited for your needs.

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