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I posted about this a week or so ago but since then I've done some further troubleshooting so I thought it was worth posting again:

I'm trying to set up PHP debugging in Komodo 7, using the Xdebug extension that ships with Komodo. The extension seems to be working fine, and Komodo responds when I try and start a debug session.

However, Komodo doesn't let me step-through my PHP code; instead it just runs through the code in a pane in the bottom-right of the Komodo window.

For the record, I don't have any Mapped URIs.

I'd really appreciate any help anyone's able to offer on this as I've got a website I need to debug for a great non-profit and this problem is preventing me from working.

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Have you tried following the steps listed at: In addition, what happens when you set a breakpoint? – Daemon of Chaos Jul 24 '12 at 15:45
Yes, I have. If I open a .php page in Firefox with XDebug switched on, Komodo recognises that I want to start a debugging session. However, rather than stepping through the code for that .php page and stopping at any breakpoints, Komodo just runs through all of the code in the page in a pane towards the bottom-left of the Komodo window. – Jim Jul 25 '12 at 16:02

Use the debugger connection preferences to change the port that Komodo listens to from the default value of 9000 to a system provided free port, 8080, or whatever port your remote host or localhost is running.

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In the end I ran this past Activestate's tech support on IRC (#Komodo on who were really helpful. We couldn't work out what the problem was, though, so I ended up uninstalling XAMPP and Komodo, reinstalling both, and then following the instructions in the Komodo docs.

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