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I am using SQL Developer to connect to an Oracle DB.

I would like to be able to see the constraints of a table via the command window. Usually I have to navigate the tables tree and then open the table details. Is there a shortcut to allow me to access the constraints (in particular the FK constraints) by writing a command? Ideally I want something like

desc table_name

where desc describes the table. I know desc is SQL based but are there any commands I can use within SQL developer?

Thanks in advance.

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If you can browse for the table in table browser under your connection. Open it. You can find a constraints tab where you can find the information about constraints on the table. Instead you can click on table name in command window (the worksheet) press the shortcut Shift +F4 which will give the same information.

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A similar question was asked here:

Someone suggested:

select * from user_constraints where table_name=[yourtable]

There are other suggestions too...

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The following select command will show the table details in Oracle

Select * from user_tables 
where table_name='COUNTRIES'

Another solution to see the description of table in Oracle, on sql> prompt

SQL>Description Countries 


SQL>Desc Countries

This will show the column name and datatype as well as constraints.

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