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While switching a WordPress site onto Git I looked for a .gitignore template. But I stumbled upon a reoccurring theme.

Fact: you don't want WordPress core files, or your server-specific configuration files etc., in your project's repository. You just don't. – Joe Bartlett

And the recommended GitHub .gitignore for WordPress excludes all wp-*.php files. Wordpress.gitignore.

Why is this recommended? Surely I’d want as many core files to be included as possible, otherwise I have to install WordPress on every server I deploy to.

If context helps, I’m deploying it to a load balanced network with two application servers and two database servers.

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Yes, you'll have to install WordPress. That's a good thing -- it means you're likely to have an up-to-date version, rather than relying on the 10-year-old version that your project got built with to even be able to update to the latest version. And don't pretend it's a lot of trouble -- WP is famous for its "5 minute install". –  cHao Jul 24 '12 at 14:27

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The only thing I keep in a repository is the theme, never any core WordPress files. In the readmes I keep track of what versions it works with.

It's probably not recommended to help discourage modifying the core files.

Another idea is to keep WordPress as a clean git repo with your themes as submodules, that way you can upgrade/rollback WordPress separate from your themes. This is also how I maintain sites that use frameworks.

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This is recommended in order to keep only YOUR files into your repository. Then using a script (or something else) you can retrieve the WP sources.

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