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I have a h: TIdHTTP component in a secondary thread and it's retrieving headers from a URL. At the same time user clicks cancel and the main thread tries to actually disconnect the Indy component. Is it safe to call thrd.h.Disconnect from the main thread? (while h:TIdHTTP is declared as public so is accessible within the main thread)

If it is safe at anytime, may I write a Cancel function in the thread that can be called directly by the main thread?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, the main thread can call Disconnect() on the socket while the worker thread is busy reading/writing data over the same socket. The read/write operation will raise an exception that the thread can catch or ignore as needed.

You could also assign an event handler to the TIdHTTP.OnWork event and have it raise an exception, such as with SysUtils.Abort(), if the thread is being terminated.

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Depends on what you mean by 'safe' :) The TidHTTP will raise an exception in the secondary thread when its socket is ripped out from underneath it. If you catch that and handle it, (log it, display it or just ignore it), then you should be fine.

A 'cancel' method of the thread/socket/whatever object should be OK too - you can then keep the TidHTTP component as a private field.

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