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My problem is very simple.

I have three columns that I want to be able to sort between using jQuery sortable, but for some reason the items won't start dragging. I have searched here on stackoverflow for the answer but I think I'm doing everything correctly.

  • I'm setting the min height on the columns
  • I've set padding/margins on the sortable items
  • I've used the right options for the sortable UI command

I was able to reproduce the problem using jsbin

Can someone take a quick look and tell me what I did wrong?

jsbin example

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You just need to wrap your init function inside

    connectWith: '.column'

or the shortcut version

    connectWith: '.column'

...then it's working fine for me ( http://jsbin.com/avikos/6/edit).

Otherwise the is executed before the referenced DOM elements are rendered and is therefor not binded.

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what a stupid over sight on my part. thanks :) –  Mathew Foscarini Jul 24 '12 at 19:28

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