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I'm using Eclipse to manage few Java files inside a huge project. I want filter all unnecessary files ( project folder -> properties -> resource -> resource filters ) to optimize my setting (Eclipse hangs often).

I need just two folders ( and the subfolders ) at the project root:

  • src/java
  • test/java

I tried it with Include Only and Name, Location, Project Relative Path that should matches e.g. src/java/*, but there was no way to get only these two folders as resources.

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Go to Project Explorer View > Click on View Menu (Will be on the top- something like a down arrow ) > Customize View . It will show filter, in that you choose to hide all the non-java elements etc.

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Thanks. Easy solution but there are also other folders (with xml files) i did not mentioned to simplyfy my questions. :-) –  sschmeck Jul 25 '12 at 11:49

Resource Filters will filter the artifacts during your build. But if you want only specific files or folders that are part of your project, then you need to create a Working Set. What's more handy is that you can even choose to build only these set of files instead of the whole project thereby reducing build time by re-compiling only the modified files.

Refer Eclipse Working Sets Explained on how to create and build working sets.

NOTE: You may use Resource when selecting the type.


To CREATE a working set:

  • Click on the down arrow located at the top-right
  • Click Select Working Set
  • Click New to create your working set

To MANAGE / EDIT a working set: Use the Edit.. button instead of the New button as mentioned above

To SELECT / BUILD a working set: Use the corresponding option in the Project menu

Hope this helps...

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I can't follow the instructions for filtering cause i can't find any Manage working set or the shown Edit working set dialog. I use Eclipse 3.7.2. –  sschmeck Jul 25 '12 at 10:21
updated answer with steps... –  Vrushank Jul 25 '12 at 14:58
help.eclipse.org/juno/… "Resource filters allow you to configure which files and folders are included automatically in a project resource hierarchy when refresh is performed. " –  reto Aug 23 '13 at 8:43

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