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Before anyone says this, yes, I did read through the various examples cited here in SO but none of them did what I'm looking to do. :)

I can get my gadget to appear in the gadget list, and I can add it to the desktop. I'm looking to have a simple drop down list which is updated by an ajax call. The drop down list contains "To Do" categories and when a category is selected/changed, the "To Do" items will be displayed in the gadget (in the file, I wanted the results to appear in the <div id='results'></div> so that the drop down list is still visible in case the user needs to change To Do Categories.

I can get the drop down container to appear but when it attempts to make the ajax call, the data is not being returned.

I understand I need to put in $.support.cors = true; but I have no idea where that is supposed to go. I have found tons of postings that state it needs to be added as of jQuery 1.5 but none specify WHERE it needs to go.

I took apart the StackOverflow Flaid widget and it was the most help but even in there, I cannot find any reference to the $.support.cors = true;

I'm so frustrated.

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If the tags are wrong for this question, please advise. Thanks. – HPWD Jul 24 '12 at 16:51
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Ben Nadel blog post cleared up the "gap" I had with CORS. It turns out my issue wasn't with the gadget (not that I really thought it was) but more of the javascript I needed to add to my gadget.

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