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class FruitBasket {
    int apples = 0
    int oranges = 0

I need to pick out apples from each FruitBasket. The work need to be done in processFruit:

def processFruit(list, picker) {
    list.each {
        println "processing " + picker(it)

def processAll() {
    List fruitList = [
        new FruitBasket("apples": 2, "oranges": 4),
        new FruitBasket("apples": 3, "oranges": 5)

    processFruit(fruitList, applePicker)

def applePicker(FruitBasket f) {
    return f.getApples()    

but it is complaining @ runtime that

No such property: applePicker for class: FooTest

possibly a problem with the closures FruitBasket arg...

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In that code, applePicker is a method, not a closure.

You can either use a method handle to pass the method as a parameter like so:

processFruit(fruitList, this.&applePicker)

Or change it to an actual closure:

def applePicker = { FruitBasket f -> return f.getApples()    }
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You are passing applePicker to processFruit, but it is a method. You can only pass closures this way. Redefine applePicker as a closure like so:

applePicker = { FruitBasket f ->
    return f.getApples()

Or convert the method to a closure when processFruit is called:

processFruit(fruitList, this.&applePicker)
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