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I asked another question about speeding up the process of testing Android with Perl and Monkeyrunner (Jython) and got this answer.

Starting a Monkeyrunner script, getting an object once and then waiting in a cycle for the data to come from a Perl script (processing it when it comes) seems a great idea. But I don't know how to setup some sort of IPC between Perl and Jython (Python). How can I do it?

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You would need to write a wrapper in Python to handle the communication and give the data to the Monkeyrunner thing. Have you googled/looked at tutorials or docs for how to achieve IPC in Python at all? Does your Perl script need to receive results? A TCP-connection might work for that. For Perl, look at – simbabque Jul 24 '12 at 15:37

Just use stdin in your monkeyrunner script to read commands from your perl script, which should open a pipe to it:

 while True:
    cmd = raw_input('Enter command: ')
    if cmd == 'q' or cmd == 'Q':
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