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I want to load a .csv file that is dropped in a specific directory but the filename is suffixed with YYYYMMDD, eg. MyFile_YYYYMMDD.csv.

The directory is cleared out everyday and a new file is dropped, ie. there is only ever 1 file in the directory.

Is there a (simple?) way to code a wildcard filename, eg. MyFile_*.csv, that can be used by the Connection Manager without having to use a Foreach Loop Container or a Script?

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You've already mentioned the two standard solutions for this situations: a Foreach container and a Script Task. Why are they not suitable for your needs? What is not "simple" about them? – Pondlife Jul 25 '12 at 19:27

Yes, with the Foreach Loop Container you can use the Foreach File Enumerator to loop through a certain directory. In the Files property of that enumerator you can use wildcards, e.g., MyFile_*.csv.

Map a variable to the fully qualified file name and push that variable to your connection manager with an expression.

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