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I'm trying to set an animation in one of my gridview's item, and I'm stuck with the z-order. In fact, when I execute my animation (from a onItemClickListener of the GridView), the item is under (in z-order) than the next one, and I'd want it to be on the top. I tried using bringToFront() on that item, but it kinda send it to the end of the GridView, so it is not what I'd like to do. Do you have any idea of how I could modify the z-order of those GridView items ?

Edit: Actually, it seems to concern all Views, and not only Gridviews. In fact, Itried something with a FrameLayout : when I don't do anything, it goes under other objects, and when i use bringToFront(), the FrameLayout disappear. Quite weird !

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