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Similar to

selectContent = browser.select_list(:id, "lstStrike0_1")

is there a way to get a list or array of values (as in the value="..." attribute for each select option in HTML)?

Directly or indirectly? I looked up but see no .values analogous to the .options method.


<select id="lstExpMonth0_0"   name="lstExpMonth0_0">
<option value="">Select</option>
<option value="7/27/2012;0">JulWk4</option>
<option value="8/18/2012;1">Aug12</option>
<option value="9/22/2012;1">Sep12</option>


browser.select_list(:id, "lstExpMonth0_0")

gets me

=> ["JulWk4", "Aug12", "Sep12"]

How can I end up instead with the collection or array:

["7/27/2012;0", "8/18/2012;1", "9/22/2012;1"]

regardless of what might be selected?

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browser.select_list(:id, "lstExpMonth0_0")
=> ["", "7/27/2012;0", "8/18/2012;1", "9/22/2012;1"]

All elements have the value() method, which will return the value of the value attribute.

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Indeed. That hit me soon after posting the question. Sometimes writing it up helps – Marcos Jul 24 '12 at 16:22

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