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I was creating a staging environment for an app which already had it's production environment set up in heroku. Following the Starting from Production App here -, I ran the command to create the staging environment:

heroku create staging-app-name --remote staging --addons mongohq:free,shared-database:5mb --account urban


Creating staging-app-name... done, stack is cedar
Adding mongohq:free to staging-app-name... failed
 !    Please verify your account to install this add-on
 !    For more information, see
 !    Confirm now at

I visited and got the message saying the 'Your account is verified'.

Went back to command line and re ran the create command. Output:

!    Name is already taken

When I go to and look at My Apps, it is not there. How can I reclaim the name?

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Contact support - this might be a bug in the CLI which you've uncovered.

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I had ran the command under a certain account and was looking at My Apps in heroku under another :/ The app was there when I logged into the correct account.

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Please change name of the application. Because the name of the applications name is you typed are already taken by other user.So change your application name to avoid this error

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This answer is a bit terse. Try adding more explanation. – bowlturner Sep 26 '14 at 18:43

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