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I have been reading the documentation that is in the page about Atlassian Jira.

I want to simply create a class in Eclipse to connect to Jira using Rest and get the name of an issue.

What do I need to install? I downloaded a jar of this page.

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First solution

If you are using Eclipse than it is simple. Download the m2e plugin (Help -> Install new software --> Work with --> "m2e plugin download link").

Then New -> Project ... -> Maven Project In pom.xml add:

        <version>Version of the library you use</version>

And use what is needed from https://studio.atlassian.com/wiki/display/JRJC/Tutorial.

Other solution

Or, if your only need is to get the issues name then you can make an HttpRequest to the REST url and parse the returned JSON. How a REST response looks like: https://jira.atlassian.com/rest/api/latest/issue/JRA-9

See: How to send HTTP request in java? , Decoding JSON format in Java

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