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I am trying to shift my Bing API from old one to new Windows Azure Marketplace

My code is like this:

String serviceUrl = "https://api.datamarket.azure.com/Data.ashx/Bing/SearchWeb/
                    v1/Web?Query='"+ query+"'";

byte[] accountKeyBytes = Base64.encodeBase64(( bingAzureApiKey + ":" + 
String accountKeyEnc = new String(accountKeyBytes);

URL celebSearchurl = new URL(serviceUrl);
URLConnection urlc = celebSearchurl.openConnection();
urlc.addRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic "+accountKeyEnc);

But I am getting 400 error for the same. I am failing to understand what am I doing wrong here?

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read here: stackoverflow.com/questions/11136936/… –  Yan Berk Jul 26 '12 at 9:19

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I've started a project at Google Code to make using the new Azure implementation a bit easier. Take a look and see if it helps.


AzureSearchNewsQuery aq = new AzureSearchNewsQuery();
aq.setQuery("Oklahoma Sooners");

AzureSearchResultSet<AzureSearchNewsResult> ars = aq.getQueryResult();
for (AzureSearchNewsResult anr : ars){
        <h2><%=anr.getTitle()%> (<%=anr.getSource() %>)</h2>
        <p><%=anr.getDate() %></p>
        <p><%=anr.getDescription() %></p>
        <a href="<%=anr.getUrl() %>"><%=anr.getUrl() %></a>
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