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The Savon gem I am using is giving me back a single object or an array, and I have no way to know which it will be until the SOAP response comes back.

For convenience I would like to have a nil response converted to [], a single response converted to [obj] and an array stay as an array. This can easily be done with Kernel#Array, thus:

> Array nil
=> [] 
> Array 1
=> [1] 
> Array [1,2,3]
=> [1, 2, 3] 

However, because Kernel#Array calls to_a, it fails for Hash which overrides to_a:

> Array({a: 1})
=> [[:a, 1]]
> Array([{a: 1}, {b: 2}])
=> [{:a=>1}, {:b=>2}]

On line 2 above I would like to see [{:a=>1}].

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>> [nil].compact.flatten(1)
=> []
>> [1].compact.flatten(1)
=> [1]
>> [{a: 1, b: 2}].compact.flatten(1)
=> [{:a=>1, :b=>2}]
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Another poster suggested the use of Active Support. If you don't want to add an extra dependency to your project for just one method, here is the source code for Active Support's Array.wrap:

class Array
  def self.wrap(object)
    if object.nil?
    elsif object.respond_to?(:to_ary)
      object.to_ary || [object]

You could easily add this code to your own utilities.rb or core_extensions.rb file and include that in your project.

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If you are using ActiveSupport, you can do the following:

> Array.wrap({a: 1})
=> [{:a, 1}]
> Array.wrap([{a: 1}, {b: 2}])
=> [{:a=>1}, {:b=>2}]
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Accepted for now, unless someone can come up with an equally elegant solution that doesn't require ActiveSupport. – dukedave Jul 24 '12 at 22:51

Currently I am able to bypass Hash#to_a with my own straight_to_a method:

def straight_to_a(o)
  o.kind_of?(Array) ? o : [o].compact


> straight_to_a nil
=> [] 
> straight_to_a 1
=> [1] 
> straight_to_a( {a: 1} )
=> [{:a=>1}]

I'm hoping there's an easier way?

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Your solution seems ok, perhaps you can try something based on flatten, like

def straight_to_a *ary
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