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I have found below calculation from I have no idea how they came up with final number 1.395 mbps. Can you please help me with the formula used in below example?

If your network provider bills you on average usage, let's say they sample your MBPS usage 100 times in one month (typically it would be more like every 5 minutes) and of those samples your network usage was measured as follows: 20 times: .1 MBPS, 30 times .1.5 MBPS, 30 times 1.8 MBPS, 15 times 1.9 MBPS and 5 times at 2 MBPS. If you average all these samples you would be billed at whatever the price is in your contract for 1.395 MBPS bandwidth.

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(20*0.1 + 30*1.5 + ... + 5*2)/100 = 1.395

Looks like the standard definition for a (weighted) average...

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Yup... You are right... that is what it is. –  user695351 Jul 24 '12 at 16:30

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