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NoMethodError: undefined method `assert_true' for #

This is the same for all my assertions. Test runs but fails to assert.

sample test that fails to assert

    class Cwy001 < Test::Unit::TestCase
      def testCWY001
        $base_url = ""
        $patience = 5
        $user =
        nav =
        calendar_m_view =
        $user.loadUser("Selenium Robot10") #Event Scheduler in the Selenium Users group 
        nav.changeWg("Selenium Users Group")
        assert_true(calendar_m_view.add(6)) #make sure that This user can add events to the calendar

All on its own the test runs just fine but once it is run with the autorunner it errors.

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assert_true was added in a later version of test-unit. Perhaps you have an old version.

Depending on the version of ruby you need an additional

gem 'test-unit'

Without you don't get the gem, bit the test suite from your ruby installation (minitest?).

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when this is tried it doesn't recognize that the class is a subclass of TestCase. – Zach Jul 24 '12 at 20:18
never mind that was the fix, thanks – Zach Jul 24 '12 at 20:21

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