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Consider the constant in the following Java snippet :

public class ConsumerServiceTestFixture {
    private ConsumerServiceTestFixture() {
        throw new AssertionError("This class should not be instantiated");

    public static final String CUSTOMER_ID_NOT_INTEGER = "12345678901";

The constant CUSTOMER_ID_NOT_INTEGER above is used to store a String which cannot be converted into an Integer because it's value is greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE.

This is not apparent from the name of the variable which conveys, at best, that the value is an 'invalid' customer_id. Nothing is conveyed about why the value is invalid.

One option would be to write a comment which says something like :

// Invalid since this number is greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE
public static final String CUSTOMER_ID_NOT_INTEGER = "12345678901"; 

However, if we had to write self-documenting code and not use comments, the only other option would be to make the variable name more descriptive. Something like :

public static final String CUSTOMER_ID_GREATER_THAN_INTEGER_MAX_VALUE = "12345678901"; 

But, with the above option I am not happy about the length of the variable name, specially if you consider the following snippet about optimal variable name length from Code Complete 2 :

Chapter 11. The Power of Variable Names

How would you suggest I balance the length of the variable name vs. code readability ?

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Does the value of the constant really matter (larger than MAX_INT)? Why not simply INVALID_CUSTOMER_ID? – assylias Jul 24 '12 at 16:19
@assylias, the value of that constant is used in a test which tests the behavior of the related piece of code, when a String-which-is-an-invalid-integer is passed to it. Thus it must be greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE. – Ashutosh Jindal Jul 24 '12 at 16:34
So why not "MAX_CUSTOMER_ID"? Bottom line: if you need more than two or three words, then you're not defining it clearly enough. IMHO... PS: I think "i" and "x1/x2" are ideal for many local variables. Never underestimate 1) the importance of 1) brevity, or 2) the usefulness of idiom – paulsm4 Aug 1 '12 at 17:05
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If instead of a // comment you use a /** comment (that is, javadoc), when a programmer uses your constant from an IDE or looks at your javadoc, he will get a full explanations of all the pros and cons of such a design, why it was done this way etc..


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