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I'm trying to replace two backslashes with a single one within Oracle Service Bus xquery transformation with the replace function:

let $str := replace($srcStr, "\\\\", "\\"), where $srcStr holds the value "^\\d{1,4}$"

But for some reason this does not work. The result is stil "^\\d{1,4}$"

When I'm calling the same function in e.g. Altova XmlSpy this works fine: replace("^\\d{1,4}$", "\\\\", "\\") results in ^\d{1,4}

Does anybody have an idea why OSB does not match the backslashes in the source string? What could be a workaround?

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This is a bug.

You can write custom regexp to workaround this bug.

declare function xf:replace_test($e as element()) as xs:string {
    let $str := replace("junk (\)\ junk", ".*\\.*", "\$1")
    return $str
declare variable $e as element() external; 
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Hi shuttle! You are right, this is a bug of the built-in xquery processor in OSB. Could you please explain what your replace_test function exaply does? )) –  Peter Schura Aug 16 '12 at 15:10

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