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I am using the Ruby gem Impressionist. It gives you the ability to look at a count of page hits from a specific date to today date. I'm trying to get the hits from the past 7 days but spit out the number for each day.

@widget.impressionist_count(:start_date=>"2011-01-01")  #specify start date only, end date = now

How would I do that? I want 7 days ago but for each day to give me the exact count for that day.

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Try this:

@widget.impressionist_count(:start_date => 1.week.ago)
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You can get 1 week ago date like this

t = Time.now
lastweek = t - 1.week

and then you can do like this


I guess you shold do this in controller, or you can pass just the last week date to the view. This code works in Rails app cause it uses active_support.

I tried impressionist with mongoid but the filter function didn't work at all in my enviroment.

i hope it does in your app.

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