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I have created a ASP.NET MVC site and now I need to upload it to web hosting server, for that do I have to upload whole project or only selected set of files & folders. If so what are the folders and files should I upload to the web server?

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I always set my build configuration to Release and then publish to the file system or directly to an FTP. This will copy over only what is needed. Mainly you don't need to copy over any of your C# or VB code files, these will all be compiled into a single DLL that lives in the bin folder. – The Muffin Man Jul 24 '12 at 16:59
In past when I working in MVc project I just upload the file through FTP and tell server-admin to give that directory for exection. I changed my connectionstring in web.config that I will make never replace with my new file when I make changes. I use bin-deployment on my work and deploy many project without any hassle. – Gupta Anirudha Jul 24 '12 at 18:05
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Just right-click the project in Visual Studio and select Publish... This will publish the required files to a folder from where you can upload them.

A couple of points to note.

  • Set the build config to Release before running Publish. This substitutes in the values in your Web.Release.config file which sets debug to false by default but you can also put in server connection strings and other production settings.

  • Some dll's which are required will not be included in the Publish folder by default. To include a Referenced dll select it in the Reference folder and set its Copy Local property to True. It is a bit hit and miss figuring out which dlls are not on your server and need to be manually added..

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