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how to add OrderBy(a=>a.SortField) or sort the below query result by "SortField"

var slideShowProducts = _contentManager.Query<JewelleryProductPart, JewelleryProductPartRecord>("JewelleryProduct")
                .Where(cpp => cpp.CustomOne == catViewModel.Number)
                    .Select(sp => new SlideShowProductViewModel

                        Count = sp.Count,
                        CategoryName = sp.Fields.Single(f => f.PartFieldDefinition.Name == "Category").Storage.Get<string>(""),
                        SortField = sp.Fields.Single(f => f.PartFieldDefinition.Name == "Sort Field").Storage.Get<string>(""),
                        Description = sp.Get<BodyPart>().Text

                SlideShowProductsViewModel products = new SlideShowProductsViewModel();
                products.Number = catViewModel.Number;
                products.CategoryName = catViewModel.Name;
                products.SlideShowProducts = slideShowProducts;                  

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Did you try the following?

products.SlideShowProducts =slideShowProducts.OrderBy(a=>a.SortField).ToList();
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If it's a field that probably won't work. Projections can order on fields. A better guess would probably to go look at the code in Orchard.Projections. –  Bertrand Le Roy Jul 25 '12 at 11:08

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