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I'm using the python-openid library from Janrain at

I adapted their Django example to another framework called Web2Py and it appears to be working, but with some annoying side-effects.

  1. The first problem is that sreg (Simple Registration Extension) and ax (Attribute Exchange) don't seem to work. I know that Google uses ax, but my openID consumer always returns None for both of them.

  2. Whenever I login with Google it spews an annoying error message on stdout. It appears to be working, but could be indicative of larger problems?

    Error attempting to use stored discovery information: < openid.consumer.consumer. TypeURIMismatch: Required type not found in ['', '', '', ' /extensions/ui/1.0/icon', ''] for end point

  3. When I turn on stateless mode, Google actually doesn't display an error anymore, but instead its Yahoo's turn:

    Received "invalidate_handle" from server /op/auth

Does anyone have any insight to these problems?

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make sure you use Python 2.5. I am also trying to use openid with web2py and was always returned None by SReg when using 2.6.

Regards, HC

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I have had the same problem and it really made me becoming crazy but I found the solution here python-openid doesn't provide ax or sreg attributes and it worked for me.

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