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There is a phrase in perlmodlib(1):

It's possible that not all modules listed below are installed on your system. For example, the GDBM_File module will not be installed if you don't have the gdbm library.

How to get actual list of the standard modules installed in the system?

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Here is a script that will find all installed perl modules visible to the currently running perl version. – mkb Jul 24 '12 at 18:31
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The cpan command can do it:

% cpan -a

I wrote App::Module::Lister to do this job. Although it's a module, it's also a program that does what you want when you run it like a program:

% perl `perldoc -l App::Module::Lister`

Several other Stackoverflow questions answer this for particular modules, including:

For your particular question, though, do you really care what's implementing your DBM features? Do you have some question about that?

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