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How can I get platform specific things into a requirements file? Some windows packages are needed instead of their linux counterparts.

WinPExpect vs pexpect pywin32 isn't needed on linux but is needed by winpexpect

Any idea of how you could deal with that?

I've thought about a small python script that would detect the platform and deal with it by running pip with different platform specific files as well as the "main" requirements file. Seems like maybe it should be simpler.

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I have totally same question with pexpect and winpexpect =)! – Pavel Patrin May 25 '15 at 12:43

pip requirements do not allow it.

There is a discusion about this feature in distutils2. See PEP 345 for more metadata information.

More info about distutils2 and metadata:

I don't know the state of PEP 345 and package installers.

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