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I'm using cakephp 2.1 and WAMP for one of my app which is making use of Facebook Connect plugin. Getting an error saying

An error occurred. Please try later

Googled and found this


But not coming to know how to chance the settings from localhost to localhost.local for app in WAMP.

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Try setting the debug level to 1 or 2 and check your error.log and debug.log files under app/tmp/logs to get started on the debugging process. –  Oldskool Jul 24 '12 at 19:29

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First, you need to add a virtual host. To do this, edit the apache configuration file that came with WAMP. This is assuming you're on OSX.


# add the following
    DocumentRoot "/path/to/project" 
    ServerName mysite.local
    ServerAlias mysite.local

Then, edit your hosts file. Open up the terminal, and run the following (use whatever editor you like, I'm choosing Vi):

$ sudo vi /private/etc/hosts

And add a host to point to our new site. mysite.local

Lastly, restart the WAMP server and you should be able to visit mysite.local in your browser and it will point to your project.

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