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I would like to check the ApplicationExitCode for my C# Console Program under test. Below is my NUnit test method. I am uncertain what to replace the question marks with.

My testing class method:

public void ExitApplicationWithZeroOnNoErrors()
  string[] arguments = { "--version=43" };
  var program = new Program(arguments);
  Assert.AreEqual(Utility.Status.Success, ?????);

My main application Program.cs.

public class Program
    public int? Version { get; private set; }

    public static int Main(string[] arguments)
        var program = new Program(arguments);
        return (int)Utility.Status.Success;

    public Program(IEnumerable<string> arguments)
        var parameters = new OptionSet()
                                 {"v|version=", "Client version number.", (int v) => Version = v},

As an aside I am using NDesk.Options class for my parameter gathering. I attempting to write Unit Tests and utilize TDD for this project.

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In order to check the exit code as would be returned to the OS, you should check the value returned from Main. So you will have to run Main:

var returnValue = Program.Main(arguments);
Assert.AreEqual(Utility.Status.Success, returnValue);
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