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When you are using the clientside javascript for a TreeView, there is a lot of information which i am unsure. I dont have a sample to test with, but i was wondering if the getNodeByText will recursively search for the first occurance, or just search the children under the selected node.

Some documentation is located at http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/treeview-client-objects-radtreeview.html but it doesnt answer my specific question.

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From my experience, every Node function only affects 1 Level at the time.

So this code would only affect the first level of nodes (A Node at the root of the TreeView):

var firstLevelNode = yourTreeView.getNodeByText('someText');

then you can call this fonction on any Node, so:

var secondLevelNode = firstLevelNode.getNodeByText('someOtherText');

You see? If you want to search for underlying children nodes, you must iterate for every root Node, and if you're looking for a 3rd level Node, you have to iterate thru every 2nd level Node, and so on...

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Thanks for the info. It has definately confirmed that i would have to write a small DFS or BFS to traverse the tree structure. I wasnt sure if there were options for doing things like scanning the entire tree for matches etc. Thanks a lot. –  Fallenreaper Jul 26 '12 at 14:53

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