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I have a job that when it finishes (Post build Actions) Triggers a parameterized build (Job A)

The build that is getting triggered sets a string parameter called foo for the value of JOB_NAME

"Job A" has a build step to 'copy artifacts from another project' were I set the project name to the variable i'm passing (%foo%)

I can confirm that %foo% is getting the correct value however when the build step executes it fails to substitute the variable

This is the error message I'm getting Unable to find project for artifact copy: %foo%

I'm looking for alternatives to solve my problem which is How to pass dynamically project name for copy artifacts from another project

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Did you check the help for Copy artifacts build step? If you click on the question mark next to the Project name field, you will see this text:

Name of source project for copying of artifact(s). May contain references to build parameters like $PARAM (note that when a parameter is used, the source project must be accessible to all authenticated users; this prevents use of parameters to access artifacts of private jobs)

So, you should try $foo instead of %foo%.

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thanks, i was under the impression that since my jenkins instance was on a windows server that I had to use the bat variable notation –  Basim Baassiri Jul 26 '12 at 14:04

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