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I am developing an app using node.js express framework and would need to connect to sybase ASE database. I did enough search and couldn't find the sybase driver for node.js. doesn't node.js support sybase or should I use something like a generic driver?

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An exhaustive list of database drivers is on the node.js wiki here:


But no Sybase so that leaves using an ODBC driver which, if on *nix, then you have the option of:


Alternatively, Sybase ASE has it's own web services engine which exposes SQL and stored procedures through a SOAP API. Your best option may be to just roll your own SOAP client in node against that API, perhaps using node-soap.

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I know it has been a while, but if you are still looking, try this:


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This is a "link-only answer". As that page might go away, please add at least a summary to your answer. –  Beryllium Mar 23 '14 at 17:55

node.js comes with no DB support at all.

DB connectors are out of the scope of the node.js distribution. But the cummunity fills the gap here e.g. for mysql there is node-mysql.

Problem here is that you want to use a DB without a big (open source) community, so, after some googeling, there is no node.js connector.

If you want to create a connector for sybase ASE you might have a look at node-mysql to get startet. But this is nothing you do in one weekend.

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